Measure the dynamic liquid level after production is stabilized


First, the daily operation of the screw pump 

1、Monitor and record the production data and current (amperage);

2、Measure the dynamic liquid level after production is stabilized;

3、Monitor and record the oil pressure:

(1) If the casing is leaking oil badly, just lightly tighten the casing box wrench;

(2) If low casing pressure is maintained there will be no airlock and pump efficiency will be maintained;

(3) If there are fluctuations in oil pressure and current, the pump is operating in a tied-down-relaxed state. The main reason is that sand enters the pump body too much and deposits. The light rod can be pulled out 3 meters (to reach the catch), and then backwash the pump body...

(4) If the current rises but the output falls, meaning wax formation, hot washing can be used while monitoring the moving fluid level;

(5) Check the lubricant level in the drive shaft case. There is no need to add oil at normal times, and then add oil if there is a leak. The equivalent of automotive lubricant TM 626 should be used;

(6) If you need to replace the packing, just replace the top five packing. No serious leakage does not need to be replaced;

(7) After one year of use, lubricant should be added for the motor;

(8) After six months of use, the transmission shaft case lubricant should be replaced, and so on;

(9) such as production slash decreasing, the problem should lie in the stator and rotor wear, can be used to increase the speed of the method until the production recovery; (can be increased to 450RPM) (can replace the motor pulley).


Second, safety precautions

1、Do not pull the light bar out of the top of the drive head more than 60cm;

2, such as the need to pull the rotor out of the stator for backwashing, when pulling up the light bar to make sure that all the staff leave a certain distance, and no tools (such as wrenches) left on the light bar until the rotor is all pulled out of the stator;

3、When the pulley needs to be replaced, the light bar must be fixed first;

4, should not use any chemicals or dilute cleaning agent dewaxing (such as chemical wax cleaner, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.), you can use hot wash (water, oil);

5, in the absence of sufficient liquid, do not open the pump (the lack of heat and lubrication of the pump body), there is a possibility of stopping the pump or sand blocking pipeline.