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Zhejiang Chuangwei Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at No. 12 Jiangang Road, Linhai Toumen Port Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. The company covers an area of 33.5 mu and a plant construction area of 21000m. The company mainly produces high vacuum screw vacuum pump, energy saving low noise screw vacuum pump, anti-corrosion type screw vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump and Roots screw vacuum unit and other dry vacuum equipment. The dry screw vacuum pump produced by the company has independent intellectual property rights, including more than 40 invention and practical novel patents. It is a national high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. It has a municipal high-tech enterprise research and development center and internal control standards. The series of screw vacuum pumps (pumping rate 15L/S to 600L/S) is complete. It is one of the main manufacturers of screw vacuum pumps in China.


In 2019, the output value exceeded 0.12 billion yuan, with more than 600 large pharmaceutical and chemical customers, and an annual R & D investment of nearly 500 million yuan. It is a professional screw vacuum pump manufacturer in China. Creation is innovation-promising, creating value for customers, seeking benefits for employees, and contributing to society as an entrepreneurial philosophy. For users to obtain more high-quality, reliable vacuum equipment and make unremitting efforts.

Development Goals

Keep improving, quality first, strive for first class;

Development power

People-oriented, pragmatic and innovative, thick and thin hair;

Principles of development

Integrity-based, service-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win.

Technical capacity

After years of development, the company has gathered a group of R & D talents, and the screw vacuum pump developed has many advantages, such as reliable operation, energy saving, low temperature, anti-corrosion, low noise and so on. Among them, variable pitch screw vacuum pump, corrosion-resistant screw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump all enjoy independent intellectual property rights, and have nearly 40 invention patents and utility model patents. Advanced design, production and processing technology of screw vacuum pump

Production capacity

The company has more than 50 sets of various production equipment, including more than 20 sets of processing centers. The screw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum rotor are produced by a five-axis composite machining center; the pump body, side cover and other core components are completed by a CNC machining center, and the output parts are of high precision and good interchangeability. The company's products fully meet the various needs of customers.

Service Capability

Company sales and service personnel are engaged in the vacuum pump industry for more than 10 years of engineers. Have a full understanding of the vacuum process in the pharmaceutical, chemical, smelting, electronics and other industries. The company's sales and service team strives to provide customers with high-quality vacuum solutions, select cost-effective, reliable and suitable vacuum equipment, and create benefits for customers. Become a loyal partner of customers, creating a vacuum will definitely make you feel at ease, worry and comfort!